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Meet Bete Manjombe, Mpingo Epicentre, Malawi

Before The Hunger Project began working in her village Bete believed she would never know how to read and write. Non-literate having never attending any formal education, she could not read or write her name or do basic maths because she didn't understand numbers. This belief kept her from participating in society or in community activities so she lived her life in the margins, cut off and isolated. She was denied education, and in adult life she was denied opportunities she could not find work outside of general labour. She couldn't communicate with others either as she couldn’t save contacts in her phone.

In 2014, Bete attended an Adult Functional Literacy Class run by The Hunger Project where she would learn how to read, write, and count and do general maths. Bete was determined to master these skills and studied for two years.

Fast forward 5 years and Bete is brimming with pride as she can not only write her full name, she has a phone full of people she can reach out to, and she is now the church treasurer!

Bete says: “Now I can read and write, I can read the bible, I am very proud.”

Her new vision is to learn English!

THP’s training and empowerment programmes changed her whole life. Bete found the courage to take that first step and through her commitment and determination her future looks remarkably different from her past.