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Coumba is the epitome of leading through a “power with” others approach

As a young girl Coumba was illiterate, yet through The Hunger Project training she’s now a senior leader in the Senegal National Government who has trained more than 5,000 women to create and run their own successful businesses.

The Mayor of Coki described her as the “lion”. When we asked her about leadership and lifting other women up, her advice was “yawou, yawou, yawou”…wake up, wake up, wake up to the possibilities. Lift the most unfortunate and underprivileged along with you. 

Coumba is a powerful role model; her position of power inspires action by many other women to participate in local issues and elections, ensuring they have a voice and are heard.

The Hunger Project Senegal offers trainings to community members in Women Empowerment Programmes (WEP). In these trainings, certain topics are most commonly covered: women’s community leadership, electing women to positions of authority, elections and responsibilities of WEP committee members, women’s participation in civil society, women’s legal rights, women’s rights to children, women’s inheritance rights, women’s land rights, women’s human rights, women’s political rights, family planning, education for girl children, and domestic violence.

The Hunger Project has been working to ensure the rights of women are at the centre of development since 1996. It is now widely understood that women, working in equal partnership with men is the key to ending hunger. Together, they can ensure both families and communities thrive.