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Meet Rosina and her husband from Nsuta-Aweregya Epicentre, Ghana

Rosina and her husband laugh a lot now. Ever since Rosina joined The Hunger Project and received women’s empowerment training and a microfinance loan there is more balance in her family. Her husband says:

“It has really helped the family since my wife joined… We share and I don't force her to do anything. If I don't feel well enough to work on the farm, she tells me to spend the day at home and we both work together the next day. And we laugh a lot.“

Financial burden is one of the top causes of upset and relationship dysfunction in any society. Balance improves relationships.  Here is their message for you from Rosina and her husband:

Rosina says: “My fellow sisters around the world, I entreat you to work. Invest in loans so you are able to work and support your husband. Men, be patient and help women invest in loans. You shouldn't hurry women, but instead work with women.”

Her Husband says: “I advise all men around the world to take part in interventions in the community and encourage your wives because when my wife did, it helped us. If they do, their lives will improve and it'll help the whole family”