childreN of the mountaiN

Join us for a special showing of Children of the Mountain - an award winning movie written and directed by Priscilla Anany and loaned to us in conjunction with The African Movie Festival.

Wed 5th Jun 2024
6:00 pm
Silky Otter Cinemas, 228 Orakei Road

Join The Hunger Project New Zealand for a special showing of "childreN of the mountaiN". This movie is an exploration of the hardship a woman in rural Ghana faces when her child is born with disability.  It highlights poignantly the impact of superstition and tradition and how this can negatively impact vulnerable women and children. 

The movie is set in Ghana - a country where The Hunger Project is working to reduce the impacts of poverty and increase the inclusion of women into decision making and authority in their communities.  

We are very grateful to Priscilla Anany - the writer and director of this film and to Boubacar Coulibaly and The New Zealand African Film Festival for allowing us to show this movie to our audience.

What's included on the night?

Your ticket will include entry to the movie where you will be able to relax in one of the Silky Otter's very comfortable recliner chairs - along with a beverage of your choice.

Please note that the Silky Otter has a full menu available should you wish to supplement your evening with food. Please follow this link to see their menu. 

The Silky Otter is very close to transport and ample free parking is available. 

More About childreN of the mountaiN

Children of the Mountain follows the story of a young woman and her child who is born with several medical conditions and her search to cure him of these illnesses. For more information see the IMDB Profile

The movie was also shown at the prestigous Tribeca Film Festival. You can read an indepth review here. At this Festival Priscilla Anany was awarded Best New Narrative Director for her work on this film. 

It has also won several other Ghanaian movie awards. 


Want to know more about The Hunger Project in Africa?

The core of our work in Africa is centered on a holistic development mode we call the Epicenter Strategy. The Epicenter Strategy is an integrated approach that was created in Africa, by Africans. Through this strategy since the inception of The Hunger Project, 1.25 million people across 8 countries in Africa have declared their self-reliance from severe hunger and poverty. The Epicenter strategy ensures all community members are part of the solution - most importantly women - and addresses all of the underlying causes for hunger and poverty including health, education, skills and income generation, climate adaption, sanitation and microfinance. 

(Photos from the Adofme Epicenter in Ghana © The Hunger Project)