Kyrsta Binstock

Walk With Women 2021

I am joining The Hunger Project and walking with women this March to raise money to end hunger. 

March 27

42.87 km

March 26

39.88 km

March 24

36.94 km

March 20

2.46 km

March 14

34.18 km

March 10


March 09

29.71 km

March 08

27.55 km

March 07

25.28 km

March 06

20.99 km

March 05

13.40 km

March 04

8.99 km

March 03


March 02


March 01

2.67 km 

Help me Walk with Women - and end hunger!

All across the world there are around 780 million people currently living in chronic hunger and poverty. Many of the women living in these conditions have to walk 6km each day on average just to access clean water. The reason I decided to join The Hunger Project is because they aim to end hunger through sustainablity initiatives. One of these initiatives is empowering women and giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed so they can teach their communities sustainable approaches to food. I will be walking/running 2km every day in March to help raise money to educate mothers on proper nutrition for the children and families, offer literacy training to women - offering them valuable skills to increase their capacity, and teach women around the world leadership skills so they can become leaders and create sustainablity in their communities. United we can take the steps towards a brighter, more sustainble future around the world. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Greg & Kim Schweikert

❤️ Kyrsta.


Dave Hunt

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