Lisa Gunnery

Walk With Women 2022

I am joining The Hunger Project and walking with women this March to raise money to end hunger. 

Half way through the month - need to get my walk on!!

Well, we are half way through March and have just celebrated my 55 years on Earth. 

I really loved the buzz of International Women's Day this year and it brought me even closer to the reason why I love The Hunger Project so much. Empowering women who have never been given opportunities to get out there and create their best life is so important in the fight to end hunger. 

Thanks for supporting me! 

Help me Walk with Women - and end hunger!

I am joining the Walk with Women 2022 campaign to raise money for The Hunger Project New Zealand! Can't wait to get started on March 1! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lisa Gunnery



Go Lisa!!