The Hunger Project is one of the world’s largest leadership and training organisations, working to empower people to make change.

At work in more than 13,000 villages and reaching more than 16 million people, The Hunger Project takes a highly strategic approach to leadership development.

Our methodology of starting with women, mobilising people and building effective partnerships creates the environment for change to happen. We’ve proven it works in any context and any environment from the poorest communities in Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America to the democratic system in India.

It also works for us in New Zealand!

Based on our powerful training that moves people from ‘I Can’t’, to ‘I Can’, to ‘We Can’, we have developed opportunities for individuals and organisations to explore a leadership model paralleled to the world’s best practice in transformative leadership.

Through our programmes and workshops, The Hunger Project New Zealand brings to you a learning environment that is as powerful as it is profound. Providing to you a unique training opportunity that has a feel good factor too!

What The Hunger Project is doing is world’s best practice.

"The parallels between the work that McKinsey does and the work that The Hunger Project does are extraordinary. There are parallels between what it takes to change a culture in an organisation and what it takes a change a culture inside a village in the developing countries where The Hunger Project works.”   


Former Managing Partner, Mckinsey & Company

Global Leader of Organisational Behaviour Practice


We believe everyone has the capacity to lead change, and leadership is not always found in a title. Leadership is being willing to take actions to solve a problem – big or small – that you may not have created, but you have the power to change. In doing so, you become a leader.

When we move beyond the basic human needs, we all experience hunger. Hunger for change, belonging, meaning and purpose, contribution, to be recognised, to leave the world better than we entered it, or to know that our lives matter. Therefore, hunger isn't merely a lack of food, it is a human condition. We believe what keeps hunger in place is a belief that I will always be hungry. Feeling powerless to create change, we often give up or fail to even start. 

The Hunger Project methodology transforms this belief so that people live productive lives of self-reliance and dignity. We enable leadership to be unlocked here when we apply the same thinking and methodology back to our lives, our families, our organisations and communities. Whether you live in a rural village in India or Africa, or a major city in New Zealand, there is a leader inside of everyone who is capable of the most profound transformations.

That's why The Hunger Project is passionate about empowering people to make change and become leaders. 


We have programmes and workshops available for individuals, small businesses and organisations based on what we know best – shifting mindsets and creating visionary, committed and active leaders at all levels. We’ve applied the same methodology in all our trainings, enabling participants to ignite their vision for their world and be empowered to make change.