Become an effective leader while having a social impact.

Rethinking What's Possible (RWP) is a hands-on half-day workshop that will enable you to unlock your mindset, inspire you to overcome challenges you're facing, and empower you to become an effective leader. 

The workshop is anchored in The Hunger Project’s 5-step methodology to effective leadership, which was developed as a result of needing to create sustainable solutions to end global hunger, beyond aid and food. Through this methodology, we partner with people living in hunger. We support them to become leaders that are nimble, resilient and willing to take risks. We empower them so they can inspire and motivate others to create generational change and sustainably end hunger and poverty in their communities.

The reality is that this kind of leadership is required everywhere - from the plains of Africa to the cities of New Zealand. Which is how these RWP workshops came about. If this approach can empower people to end their own hunger, imagine what it can do for leadership here in Aotearoa!

This is leadership development with a feel-good factor. While you’re refining your skills as a leader, you are also developing leaders in countries impacted by chronic hunger and poverty as ticket proceeds are reinvested in our global people and community development programmes.

Photo credit: Prue Steedman

How is RWP different from other leadership workshops?

At the core of this workshop are the insights we share. They are based on the work that we do in India, Bangladesh, Africa and Latin America, where hunger and poverty is at their worst, and where our leadership development methodology has reached 15.9 million people.

RWP is not textbook learning.Using a combination of storytelling, personal reflection, group shares and facilitated conversation, we explore the fundamental characteristics of effective leadership through the lens of the world’s most unlikely leaders. People who, against all odds, are shifting beliefs and creating significant change.

We intentionally facilitate the workshop in a small group setting to enable an interactive learning environment. It’s an opportunity to step out of your everyday world to be inspired by the stories of courageous real life leaders and rethink new possibilities for you personally and professionally.

Who is RWP for?

This leadership development programme is specifically designed for emerging leaders who want to become more effective in influencing, motivating and inspiring others. The workshop also benefits those who are at a career or development stage where they are seeking clarity and practical tools to define their next steps.

What you'll get out of RWP.

  • Practical tools to improve leadership, communication and management skills.
  • The ability to reframe challenges and ultimately rethink what’s possible for yourself personally and professionally.
  • A better understanding of your own leadership style and barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your leadership potential.
  • Inspiration and motivation from the stories of courageous real life leaders.
  • A unique learning environment which combines storytelling, personal reflection, group shares and facilitated conversation.
  • A set of actions to get you to where you want to be!

Our facilitators.

Lisa Gunnery.

Lisa is a management consultant with the ISB network of consultants in New Zealand. She has more than 25 years of experience within the health sector both here and overseas and has held a number of senior executive roles within the industry.

In 2014 Lisa took part in one of our Leadership Programmes. From that experience, her view of the world, her potential and her outlook, were reshaped and transformed. Since then she has dedicated herself to sharing the work of The Hunger Project and in assisting others to grow their leadership and resilience in these demanding times.

Her belief, and that of The Hunger Project, is that everyone is capable of transformation that sees them achieve their goals.

Darrin Bull.

Darrin is a strategic shaper and weaver with a career built in strategy, leadership and transformation over the last twenty years. 

He is passionate about the work of The Hunger Project, having been selected to be part of the 2016 leadership programme in India. This experience gave Darrin the belief that traditional leadership programmes fail to really
connect. To solve problems like ending world hunger, we need to think differently, and lead differently.

Darrin is an energetic facilitator with experience running a wide range of workshops and leadership programmes, as well as being a Trustee of the Hunger Project New Zealand.

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