Felicity McRobb


Can you imagine a proud time for humanity when hunger and poverty will be relics of the past?

I am fundraising for The Hunger Project New Zealand. As you may know, I have been an activist and investor in this extraordinary endeavor since 1984 - the sustainable end of hunger, through people's self-reliance by 2030. We are inspired to create 'A World that Works for Everyone, with Nobody and Nothing left out.'

Next March, sixteen of us will be travelling to Malawi to deepen our understanding of The Hunger Project's work, and to support the courageous women and men who are building lives of self-reliance for their communities. Ours is a partnership and advocacy role, always clear that the lion's share of the work of ending hunger is done by those living in the conditions of hunger and poverty. They are our inspiration to be better and more courageous at raising our voices and the money to fund THP's reliable strategies.

I am paying my own expenses. Your contribution will empower women and men in the villages of Malawi to cause change within their communities to create a future free from hunger or poverty. I, and the future of humankind, thank you for your support. With my love and appreciation, Felicity.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kristi Swartz

You are my Idol!


Laura Peterson


Stephanie Hallford

Way to go Felicity! Continuing to change lives.


Alison Ring

Love you A & P


Patricia And Bryan Watts

Bon Voyage. A very worthy cause. Your efforts are to be admired.


Harmony George

Topping off your goal. Thanks for all you do!!


Anne O'riordan

Best of luck Felicity!


Christopher Brent Barnes


Bruce & Reed Aitken

Would love to hear all about your trip when you return.


Basecamp Ventures Ltd

Have a wonderful time Felicity. Great work! John & Lorna x


Rob & Maria Gillette

Best wishes for a productive trip!


David Ring & James Vaile


Verity Travers


Delia Grenville

Go Felicity! Such powerful work!


Leah Watts

Love Leah and the boys xxx


Stacy Kipp

Very exciting


Dennis Bishop

Good Job Done


Charlotte Couch

Fabulous work that you do. So very proud xxx


Marissa Tarleton


Katerin Le Folcalvez

Go Felicity, go! Another 10 years to reach the goal!!


Henrik Hoeg & Martine Mckenna-hoeg

Stay awesome Felicity! Thank you for being you.


Kristen Bishop