(Bangladesh, 2022 @The Hunger Project) 

Hunger is about more than food. It's about people.

Chronic, persistent hunger is not due to lack of food. It occurs when people lack opportunity to earn enough income, to be educated, to gain skills or to powerfully affect their community. 



people are hungry.



of those are women.



of kids under 5 are stunted.

We believe
is the answer.

We don’t do handouts because we believe people are the solution - not the problem.

Instead, we partner with those living in hunger and poverty and empower them to transform their own lives. This is the only sustainable solution.

(Sherif, Ethiopia, ©The Hunger Project)

Empower. Mobilise. Partner.

All our programs work to strengthen women's position in society, enable communities to take charge of their own development and ensure governments are accountable to the communities they serve. We start by shifting mindsets, and then we empower people with the leadership, skills and knowledge they need to lift their communities above the poverty line for good. 

Who we are.

The Hunger Project is a global non-profit organisation committed to facilitating the individual and collective action to transform the inequities that create hunger and cause it to persist. 


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Where we work.

We deliver programmes in 13 countries across South Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our work is supported by funds raised by 10 partner countries. 


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Our approach.

We work in authentic partnership with people living in hunger and poverty to unlock their leadership and enable them to become the agents of their own development. 


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Our impact.

While we are proud of these results, we are even more proud of the individual people that make up these numbers, who overcome enormous challenges every day to transform their own lives.

Invest in people.

You can make a difference by giving financially, contributing your skills and time, or getting involved in one of our learning opportunities or fundraising events. 

Individuals living in hunger and poverty are not helpless. They are hard-working and creative human beings and are the world's most valuable resource.

Rowlands Kaotcha - Global VP & Southern Africa Regional Director, The Hunger Project

Learn from our village partners.

We offer personal development to Kiwi's based on learnings from our work in ending hunger and poverty. Our programmes have a circular social impact as profits go back into funding our global work to end hunger and poverty.