Empowering people to
end their own hunger
and poverty.

Because everyone deserves to lead a healthy,
fulfilling and dignified life.



You are needed now more than ever.

The latest report from the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation shows that world hunger has risen over the past four years, and has now returned to levels measured a decade ago.

Living in chronic hunger.

Living in chronic hunger are women.

Under five die every year from malnutrition.

We believe


is the answer.

We don’t use a foreign aid approach because it’s unsustainable, and we don’t do handouts because we believe people are the solution.

Instead, we partner with those living in hunger and poverty and enable them to transform their own lives.

Our approach.

Ending hunger and poverty requires sustainable, innovative and holistic solutions. We focus on multiple areas of social development at the same time, with the goal of empowering women and men to become agents of their own development. While adapted to meet local challenges and opportunities, all our programs have at their foundation three essential pillars. 

Where we work.

The Hunger Project is a global movement of individuals and organisations working in authentic partnership for the sustainable end of hunger. We deliver our programmes across 13 countries in the developing world.

Our impact.

Reached in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Latin America.

Have taken charge of their own development.

Have moved from aid-dependency to self-reliance!

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The hunger project is about helping individuals to shift into a mindset that says they can actually solve their own hunger…the first thing you have to do is get an individual to shift their behaviour, and if you get enough individuals to shift their behaviours then the entire village will change.

Michael Rennie, Global Leader - Organisational Practice, Mckinsey & Co.

Personal development with a social impact.

We offer personal development to Kiwis based on learnings from our work in ending hunger and poverty. Our programmes have a circular social impact as profits go back into funding our global work to end hunger and poverty. 

Join our Federation.

A community passionate about creating social change through community-led development.



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Shift your mindset and gain the tools to create pathways toward living a more authentic life.



Take part in Awaken.

Journey to meet our village partners and be awakened to what you're truly capable of.



Now I'm back in school, I am studying hard so that I can get into a good college... I no longer have to worry about child marriage.

Rumi, 14, Bangladesh.

Be inspired.

Numbers don't always give the whole picture so we want to share some inspiring stories from our village partners who, against all odds, are transforming their own lives.

Individuals living in hunger and poverty are not ignorant and helpless. They are hard-working and creative human beings and are the world's most valuable resource.

Rowlands Kaotcha, Country Director - The Hunger Project Malawi