Empowering people to
end their own hunger
and poverty.

Because everyone deserves to lead a healthy,
fulfilling and dignified life.



You are needed now more than ever.



people are living in chronic hunger.



of those living in chronic hunger are women.



children under five die from malnutrition annually.

We believe
is the answer.

We don’t do handouts because we believe people are the solution - not the problem.

Instead, we partner with those living in hunger and poverty and empower them to transform their own lives. This is the only sustainable solution.

Empower. Mobilise. Partner.

All our programs in South Asia, Africa and Latin America work to strengthen women's position in society, enable communities to take charge of their own development and ensure governments are accountable to the communities they serve.

We start by shifting mindsets.

Imagine you’ve grown up in a village and hunger and poverty is all you’ve ever known - and the future looks like an extension of the past. Interrupting that thinking about what the future could look like is the silver bullet to what we do. We shift mindsets from 'I can't' to 'I can' to 'We can' so that people can see what's possible for themselves and their community.

Our impact.

While we are proud of these results, we are even more proud of the individual people that make up these numbers, who overcome enormous challenges every day to transform their own lives.

Invest in people.

You can make a difference by giving financially, contributing your skills and time, or getting involved in one of our learning opportunities or fundraising events. 

Individuals living in hunger and poverty are not ignorant and helpless. They are hard-working and creative human beings and are the world's most valuable resource.

Rowlands Kaotcha - Global VP & Southern Africa Regional Director, The Hunger Project

Learn from our village partners.

We offer personal development to Kiwi's based on learnings from our work in ending hunger and poverty. Our programmes have a circular social impact as profits go back into funding our global work to end hunger and poverty. 

Join our Federation.

A community passionate about creating social change through community-led development.



Attend our workshops.

Shift your mindset and gain the tools to create pathways toward living a more authentic life.



Take part in Awaken.

Journey to meet our village partners and be awakened to what you're truly capable of.



The Hunger Project is about helping individuals to shift into a mindset that says they can actually solve their own hunger…the first thing you have to do is get an individual to shift their behaviour, and if you get enough individuals to shift their behaviours then the entire village will change.

Michael Rennie, Global Leader - Organisational Practice, Mckinsey & Co.