Our role in Aotearoa.

We help people see the possible from the impossible - whether they are living in a rural village in Africa, South Asia or Latin America or here in New Zealand. From showing Kiwis that the end of hunger is possible, to inspiring people to realise their true potential, to enabling people to see they have the power to end their own hunger.

Our role as a partner country.

As one of The Hunger Project's partner countries, we exist to amplify the voices of people who are living in hunger and to raise awareness of their efforts to eradicate the inequities that have caused hunger in their communities. We are also here to facilitate partnership and investment between Kiwis and our village partners through raising funding and securing grants to support programme work. These global issues don't need to exist in the world, and through our work we've shown that it is possible to sustainably end hunger. We would not be able to do the work we do without the extraordinary partnership of Kiwis here in NZ.


Programme and partner countries

Global hunger and poverty impacts on everything - from the world economy to global health, well-being to ongoing violence, terrorism and to climate change. It does not operate separately from our country or our own issues - it operates alongside. We do not live in isolation - we have to play our role as a global citizen to ensure the security of our planet.

Lisa Gunnery - Country Director, The Hunger Project NZ

Our fundraising initiatives.

We raise funds to support our work through fundraising campaigns, one-off donations, delivering learning opportunities for individuals and organisations, and the incredibly generous support of our investors.

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