Learning opportunities.

Personal development with a social impact!


The Hunger Project is one of the world’s largest leadership and training organisations, working to empower people to make change. We’ve proven it works in any context and any environment from the poorest communities in Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America to the democratic system in India. Imagine what it can do for Kiwis here in NZ!

We've developed opportunities for individuals and organisations to explore a leadership model paralleled to the world’s best practice in transformative leadership, that will shift people from a mindset of ‘I Can’t’, to ‘I Can’, to ‘We Can’, and unlock their true potential.

Through our unique programmes and workshops, we bring to you a learning environment that is as powerful as it is profound - and have a feel good factor too!

Rethinking What's Possible - Shifting Mindset for Impact.

This is a hands-on half-day workshop that will enable you to unlock your mindset, inspire you to overcome challenges you're facing, and empower you to become an effective leader. The workshop is anchored in The Hunger Project’s 5-step methodology to effective leadership, which was developed as a result of needing to create sustainable solutions to end global hunger, beyond aid and food.



Organisational transformation programmes.

Inspired leadership is critical to every great human achievement, both at the village level, and also for business and organisational success. The principles of commercial business - vision, leverage, strategic thinking and empowered leadership - are also the tools being utilised by the communities within which we operate, to lift themselves out of hunger. 

In the competitive global commercial market, attracting, developing and supporting leaders is a key objective for businesses. Employees want a compelling vision for their human development, unique opportunities and experiences to develop their leadership skills, to empower them to bring more to the organisation, and to get more out of themselves. This has the dual benefit for the business itself, of happy and fulfilled staff, who as a result are more productive and have increased loyalty. 

Leadership development is at the heart of who we are and what we do, and is the principal reason for the outstanding successes we have achieved. Whilst the challenges may be different – the solutions that our village partners utilise to solve their problems can help your employees identify what is blocking themselves, their teams or the organisation’s success. Get in touch with us to talk about a tailored transformation programme to unlock the potential of your organisation.


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