Our Impact

Through our Monitoring and Evaluation team, all of our program work is measured for its impact in driving the change required to overcome the inequities that drive hunger and cause it to persist. This allows us to understand how programs effect the local communities and provides us with an opportunity to amplify the impact of your investment.  

We have seen the results of our programs on the ground, and had it reinforced by the data. We are having an impact in creating a world without hunger - and with a global reach ot 12.4 million people in 2023, we will continue to feel these impacts. 

Celebrating our Impact in 2023

In 2023, The Hunger Project reached 12.4 million people in 12,000 communities across Africa, South Asia and Latin America. We continued our work to amplify the voices of people living in hunger and our work to eradicate the inequities that cause hunger and allow it to persist. 

Our Impact Stories

"I have been working as a maize and cassava farmer for more than 10 years. During the workshop by THP Ghana I leaned about a bag that can be used to store maize for a longer time. I tried it this year and have been able to store 15 bags of maize this year compared to only 6 bags last year. I have 3,500 Ghanaian cedis from selling my produce which is twice as much as before. I have used part of this to pay for my children's school fees. I am grateful to The Hunger Project and its sponsors for training us on post-harvest losses. "
Kwabena Dedge - Baware Epicenter Ghana. 

Access to the internet is crucial for education, livelihood and healthcare yet approximately 2.6 billion lack access to this vital resource. In partnership with Microsoft we are working to bridge this gap in Malawi and Mexico. We are equipping epicenters and community technology centers with accessibility technologies and ensuring that people with disabilities, particularly women, can benefit from online access. Meaningful connectivity is possible for all- even the most marginalised communities. Watch this video from one of our partners in Mexico about the importance of working with people with disabilities.