Invest in the power of people.

We are passionate about creating a world that works for everyone - where every woman, man and child free has the opportunity to lead a healthy, fulfilling and dignified life. As an investor, you join a community of like-minded individuals, families and companies who believe that our generation has the power to end world hunger, and are taking action to bring about change.

Regular investors.

Our investors are a community of people who are committed to making an extraordinary difference. By transforming communities and empowering people to take ownership of change – both in rural villages across Africa, India and Bangladesh and here in Aotearoa - world hunger can end. But it will take our partnership.  

We use the word “invest” purposefully. Our investors receive a social and personal return on their money. By becoming an Investor, you are committing your money with conscious and deliberate action – matching your resources with the leadership of our village partners.

Your money is shaping a new world. Together, we are making a meaningful difference that will last generations. 


Become an investor

Seeking to make a significant impact on a world without hunger? 

Many investors are seeking more significant investments. The Hunger Project has a variety of longer-term grants and projects where we can facilitate partnerships between individuals or consortiums of investors and the community. If you are interested in a significant investment - please reach out of us and let us know. There are many projects currently under way that are seeking funding and long-term partnership.

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Could support one Women’s Empowerment Program workshop for 60 participants in Africa.


Could train one Elected Woman in India for one year to be an effective local council member.


Could train one Elected Woman in India for all five years to be an effective local council member.

Your investment supports stories like that.


We ask them, "Who is going to change hunger and poverty for you?" 

"I, WE, ourselves are going to end hunger and poverty."

Rowlands Kaotcha


"One day, through the Hunger Project, I got the chance to take a micro loan. I started a business!"

"I felt proud. My family will have food to eat for the rest of our lives."

Ellen Dolici