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Our work overseas.

Elected to Lead.

We work to change the perceptions and common misconceptions surrounding leadership. True leadership ...
Wednesday, 6th Nov 19

Bravery in the face of adversity.

Kamla works tirelessly to build a sustainable, self-reliant future for herself and her community, an...
Wednesday, 6th Nov 19

Courageously fighting against discrimination.

It takes great courage and empathy to stand up to discrimination and advocate on behalf of those who...
Wednesday, 6th Nov 19

Selfless advocate for sustainability.

Kaushalya Bisht advocates for the sustainable use of natural resources and empowers women around her...
Wednesday, 6th Nov 19

Fearless defender of women’s rights to education.

Pushpa is actively changing lives by encouraging women to think and speak for themselves, and to rec...
Wednesday, 6th Nov 19

Self-reliance in Ghana.

In Africa, The Hunger Project works to build sustainable community-based programs using the Epicente...
Thursday, 31st Oct 19

Alesia - creating a brighter future for her children.

Alesia works hard to support the education of her children, and she wants to encourage women all ove...
Thursday, 31st Oct 19

Breaking the cycle in Bangladesh.

1 in 3 people in Bangladesh suffer from chronic hunger every day. Training over 4000 Youth Leaders, ...
Tuesday, 29th Oct 19

Creating opportunities in Africa.

The Hunger Project has developed the ‘epicentre strategy’, which brings smaller communities toge...
Wednesday, 16th Oct 19

Our Women's Empowerment Programmes.

Empowering women as key change agents is one of our three pillars at The Hunger Project. Whilst our ...
Wednesday, 2nd Oct 19