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In the communities where The Hunger Project hadn’t been, you’d see people gripped with hunger, lining up for the next aid truck. In the villages where The Hunger Project had been for years, there was this huge contrast. We saw a sea of beautiful faces, people were smiling and so empowered.

Duffy - Awaken 2019 participant

Stories from our village partners.

Rejeya - The amplifying effect of one woman.

Find out what happens to a community when one woman is economically and socially empowered.

Abigail - Entrepreneur from Ghana

Meet the 27 year old fashion designer and entrepreneur from Ghana

Master of change.

Ayelech lives in Ethiopia with her five children. Find out how she is using the Moringa tree to enri...

The power of women in leadership.

When women are empowered to lead, they bring about incredible transformative change for their commun...

Louise - empowered to create change and still going strong.

Louise is a woman empowered to make change and five years on she's still going strong. Read her stor...

Fulbert - finally on his own.

We find out what progress Fulbert has made 5 years on.

Alberta - inspiring girls to follow their dreams.

Find out how Alberta is owning her future and inspiring others to do the same.

Evaluating post self-reliance.

What we learnt from an external evaluation of two epicentres three years after reaching self-relianc...

Why women are key to ending hunger.

Women are the key to ending hunger - Rita, Global Vice President and Country Director of The Hunger ...

Veena - courageously speaking up for all women.

After taking part in our leadership training, Veena transformed her entire community.

Abraham - enabling his children to have power over their liv...

A fathers vision for his children is a powerful force.

Namukasa - investing in her own future.

Namukasa - investing in her own future.

Koushayla - making the impossible possible.

Find out how Koushayla's leadership made the impossible possible for her community.

The challenges of COVID-19 for our village partners.

What are the particular challenges in responding to COVID-19 for small villages globally?

How our community partners are responding to COVID-19.

As an organisation, we’re focused on continuing to support our community partners in their journey...

Creating a vision for a better future.

Florencia is a source of inspiration for all members and partners in her community. She has particip...

Building a different future from the ground up.

We work with communities in Africa to enable them to move from aid-dependency to a life of self-reli...

Mbale Epicentre community celebrates self-reliance.

One of the things we love about the communities we work with in Africa is how they celebrate their s...

Why hunger is a gender inequality issue.

Gender inequality has been identified as both the cause and the consequence of hunger. Find out what...

Empowering women is more important than ever in the face of ...

Often social solutions, such as gender equality, can be overlooked in response to climate change, wi...

How educating one girl can change a community.

Razia’s opportunities in life were severely limited when she was denied an education after being f...

 Invest in the sustainable end to hunger and poverty.


Learning from our village partners.

How to stay in growth.

It’s helpful to have a growth rather than fixed outlook to move forward in work and in life. But h...
Thursday, 23rd Apr 20

Why mindset is critical in a crisis.

The role of our human psychology should be a critical part of the solution in a crisis.
Monday, 20th Apr 20

Fill your resilience tank.

Learn how to fill your resilience tank so you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you.
Thursday, 16th Apr 20

The role of resilience in a crisis.

We need resilience now more than ever as we deal with the far reaching impact of COVID-19.
Tuesday, 14th Apr 20

Our Federation has kicked-off

The idea for our Federation is to create a connected community that takes action, nurtured by The Hu...
Monday, 16th Mar 20

What will you get out of our Mindset for Leaders workshop?

We sat down for a Q&A with Lisa, our Mindset for Leaders facilitator, to answer all your burning que...
Monday, 20th Jan 20

How to recognise a fixed mindset.

You may have heard the terms ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ thrown around in recent years. The mindset...
Monday, 13th Jan 20

How to cut through the clutter in 2020 and focus on your goa...

When we think of our goals for the year, it’s easy to get caught up in our ‘to-do’ lists and f...
Wednesday, 8th Jan 20

Gaining a new perspective on life: Duffy’s Awaken experien...

When he signed up for Awaken, Duffy was searching for a way to give back. What he gained was a fresh...
Friday, 22nd Nov 19

How Awaken gave me the courage to embrace the life I always ...

In 2019, Claire participated in our personal development program Awaken. Find out how this experienc...
Thursday, 14th Nov 19

The power of Awaken to transform your life.

Awaken is not just an opportunity to play a leading role in ending hunger. It’s an opportunity to ...
Thursday, 7th Nov 19

Finding Your Purpose.

Purpose is “a person’s resolve or determination.” Purpose is what drives us forward and what...
Thursday, 31st Oct 19

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