A sustainable end to poverty.

By contributing to The Hunger Project you are investing in humanity and working with others around the globe to bring about the end of hunger. This is a remarkable opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty, hunger and aid-dependence by empowering women and men in their own communities to become self-reliant.

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Could provide workbooks and chalk to one of our nursery schools in Africa so that they can continue to learn to read and practice writing, creating a better future.
Could help build capacity and confidence for one Elected Woman Leader (EWR) to her local village council (“Panchayat”) in India to participate in The Hunger Project’s Women’s Leadership Workshop. Once trained, our EWR’s bring water, electricity and education to 100’s of household in their village as well as stop corruption and stop child marriages.
Could support one-woman entrepreneur in Africa with a microfinance loan and financial literacy training so she can start a small business, earn an income, and support her family.
Could provide anti-malarial bed nets to ten families. This alone reduces the risk particularly for children under the age of 5 from severe illness, disease and death.

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