Abraham - enabling his children to have power over their lives.

15 Jun 2020
Author: Lian Choong 
1 minute read

Abraham, like all parents, wants his children to be able to have independent and fulfilling lives. And with The Hunger Project’s partnership, he is achieving this vision.

Abraham Narh is a farmer from Obenyemi, Ghana.

He grows corn, cassava, coconut and vegetables, and has participated in The Hunger Project's training and workshops, which has helped him increase his harvest. 

He has also taken loans from the epicenter's microfinance bank to develop his agriculture. He says that he previously harvested three sacks of maize from one hectare of land, but now he receives nine sacks from the same area.



I am a farmer who earns enough to support my wife and our eight children.


Abraham Narh - Farmer, Obenyemi, Ghana

His wife takes care of the business - processing, buying and selling the crops. Any crops that they don't use themselves are sold at different markets.

Previously, only Abraham's family members worked on the farm - now he has employees. And all his eight children are in school.



Since the epicenter came to Obenyemi, people's lives here have been much better.


Abraham Narh - Farmer, Obenyemi, Ghana

What do you want for your children in the future?

I want my children to decide for themselves about their future. What I want is for them to manage themselves and have power over their lives, to be able to support themselves and be independent. I was not so privileged, my children should get better. 



I believe that in five years all my children will be independent, and my wife and I will live well.


Abraham Narh - Farmer, Obenyemi, Ghana

With resourceful and resilient parents like Abraham, the future of humanity is bright. Invest in changemakers like Abraham.