Elected to Lead.

06 Nov 2019
Author: Hannah Brown
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We work to change the perceptions and common misconceptions surrounding leadership. True leadership exists without ego, instead deriving from selfless determination and a steadfast belief in the power of change and your ability to make this world a better place. In this series of short films you will see four women living in true leadership. 

#ElectedtoLead is a series of short films created by The Hunger Project India, each one following the journey of a remarkable woman who has, and continues to, create change within her community in India. All four of these unique stories are reflective of the way in which effective leadership can be empowering not only for individuals, but entire communities.

Kamla Devi, Rangalata Mohanta, Kaushalya Bisht and Pushpa Devi all exemplify resilience, determination and strength of character in their leadership. Their stories are truly inspirational for women, men and children around the world - if they can do it, why can’t you?

#ElectedtoLead teaser.

#ElectedtoLead video series.