What’s in store for The Hunger Project NZ in 2020.

23 Jan 2020
Author: Lisa Gunnery
4 minute read

2020 will be a critical year for The Hunger Project and our partners across the globe with only a decade to go to build the foundations to achieve the UN’s Strategic Development Goals by 2030. Find out what's coming up for The Hunger Project NZ from our Country Director, Lisa. Will you become part of the change movement we’re creating?

2020 marks the point where we only have a decade remaining to achieve a world free from hunger and poverty.

This includes addressing all of the underlying issues that lead to hunger and poverty and future proofing our solutions in the face of climate change. 

It’s a big task and a short timeframe to achieve it in given the pace of climate change and the impacts that are already being felt across the globe, so we’ll need courage to face these issues head on with a clear focus on reaching our end goal by 2030.  

The key to overcoming any challenge is shifting your mindset from only being able to see the impossible, to being able to see what is possible.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when we are faced with so many obstacles in our path. But being able to identify where our mindset is sitting, training ourselves to think differently, and building the support systems around us makes it a lot easier to achieve success.   

We’ve seen this time and again with our village partners as they fight their battle against hunger and poverty. They come from generations of failed foreign aid and resignation that they simply can’t live another way, and then discover a new way to look at things.

They go on to create phonomenal shifts in their own lives and in that of their communities, and move forward into a life of self-reliance, shaping a different future for generations of children to come.

From individuals to corporate organisations to not-for-profits, we all need to examine where our mindsets sit and how ready for change we truly are.

With that in mind, we've been considering how we can approach our fundraising differently, and recognised a need to move beyond the general charity mantras of simply asking for money.

So this year, in addition to raising funds to support our work in ending hunger and poverty in the developing world, we’ll be expanding our programme of work to give back to the community here in Aotearoa.

Some of the exciting projects we have in store to increase our impact locally as well as continue our efforts globally.

  • A series of personal development programmes that are focused on helping Kiwis go on the same mindset journey that we take our village partners through. We can’t wait to create change leadership here in Aotearoa as a result. 
  • Our first ever Purposeful Leadership for Women course which will take a look at the tools women need to live and work purposefully in 2020 and beyond. A building block from International Women's Day we will make bold commitments to become the women that drive change locally and also bring our sisters in the developing world along with us.
  • Our inaugural Youth Leadership Workshop, which will bring together young women from all walks of life to tackle some of today's biggest issues as a group. This is a method that has been used by our team in India as they look to shape a future for girls and women that is full of opportunity and equality and we are excited to get the ball rolling here too!
  • We're bringing together our own Federation of committed changemakers here in Aotearoa to tackle local issues through impactful community led development.



When we are together - how can we fail?


Changemaker, Madhya Pradesh district, India

Wiser words have never been heard. 

We are going to need as many change leaders as possible as we continue to tackle the enormous challenges that we face in the developing world and Aotearoa, so I encourage you to become part of the change movement that we’re creating.

Your partner in the end of hunger.

Lisa Gunnery, Country Director, The Hunger Project NZ

If you’re interested in making 2020 your year of impact, please get in touch and let us know how you'd like to be involved.