It's time to tie up those laces and join us during March as we

Walk with Women in our programme countries! 


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Join us during the month of March as we "Walk with Women" in partnership with women living in chronic hunger and poverty.  

What is Walk with Women? 

A fundraising activity where you will walk 60 kilometres over the course of the month of March and help us by raising important funding for our work to empower women across our partner villages. 

Why should I Walk with Women? 

810 million people are currently living in chronic hunger and poverty across our world - and the majority are women and children.

It is these same women who are responsible for providing for the health and well-being of their famlies but with none of the tools and resources to support them. In fact, many women living in these conditions have to walk 6kms each day on average just to access clean water.

The Hunger Project knows firsthand that the way to end hunger sustainably is to empower women and to give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. In every community we work, this is our starting place. And when we empower a woman, the whole community feels the effects. 

How do I complete the 60 kilometers? 

You can do the distance in any increments that suit you. For example: 

  • 2 kms each day
  • 3 walks of 5kms each week
  • or even 2 walks of 30kms each week if you really want to challenge yourself!
  • You can even create a team to split the distance up - or have company on your morning walks.
  • You don't even have to walk - you can run, jog, swim, bike, skip, hop...even crawl your way through! 

It's completely up to you - just make sure you keep track of your distances on your fundraising page so you can report back to your supporters! 

What is the Fundraising Requirement? 

In order to participate we are asking each person to fundraise/donate at least $60 - or $1 for each km walked. Once you register for the event you will be asked to set up a fundraising page where you can set yourself a fundraising target to raise as much money as you can!  Even a small amount raised can go a long way. For example: 

A small amount like $60 can enable us to:

  • educate mothers on proper nutrition for the children and families; 
  • offer literacy training to women - offering them valuable skills to increase their capacity; 
  • $60 is the amount of a microfinance loan to a woman entrepreneur who is looking to start a business to gain economic independence; 
  • $100 would allow us to hold a Women's Empowerment Workshop for 60 women - teaching them valuable skills in leadership and encouraging their confidence and capacity.

Want to participate in the Challenge but don't want to fundraise? 

That's okay too. When you register, you will be asked to set up a fundraising page. You have the option at that point of making a personal donation. As long as you donate at least $60 - you will meet the fundraising requirement!! Simple. 

How do I register? 

It's easy. Just follow the link above or below and you will be asked to create an account. If you have donated before, or you are an active member of our community you may already have an account so you would just need to login. From there you will be asked to set a fundraising target and set up your page. You can also set up a team if you wish. You can always come back to your page at any time to update and add pictures or information.


The more you raise for your efforts, the more women that we can empower across our partner villages. 

If you have further questions about this event please see our FAQ page. Or contact us at nzoffice@thp.org.   


So join us today and Walk with Women!! We can't wait to get started!!