Mountain Mission

By Claire Martin

I’m taking action for the end of hunger!

As part of Awaken 2018, we're challenging ourselves to get active and support The Hunger Project in their mission for a world free from hunger.

Because hunger doesn’t need to exist in the world and we believe that a world free from hunger works for us all, we're challenging ourselves and raising money to show our support and what is possible, and be part of the success that is wending world hunger.

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can end hunger in our generation!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lisa Gunnery

Go Claire!!


Daz & Jouhs

Such a great thing to be doing! Merry Christmas ?


Megan Drummond

Sorry we can’t join you! Good luck!


Matt & Charlotte

Great effort Claire for standing up to make a difference!


Louise Bax