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Being the Change

There are many special words and slogans used to show us the power of what we can do if we set our minds to it.

One of those which have stuck with me over the years, but perhaps I have been a bit scared of until now is one of Ghandi’s words of wisdom that “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

In truly understanding what this means, in living your own truth and every day showing the world what you have to give and the difference you can make on a global and far reaching scale, it’s possible to find the courage to actually being the change and just doing something about the things you really care about.

I can see how this phrase can seem a long way off for many people, but I think I’ve come round to the realisation that the more we sit around and discuss the challenges we have, the longer they carry on having an impact on people.

This brings me to The Hunger Project and the Awaken programme. True, long lasting change comes from empowerment of communities, self reliance and bringing people together to create a better world. These are all things The Hunger Project embodies - activating communities and over a period of time teaching skills which will endure and actually keep improving long after the project has been completed.

We know ‘Band Aids’ don’t work, but THP’s model does, and I feel privileged to be given the chance to contribute to the literally life changing world this amazing organisation is creating.

We can end hunger in our lifetimes. We know it’s possible.

Will you help me be the change and join me on the very scary but empowering journey to fundraise $10,000 to help this work continue?

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Mountain Mission - Climbing the Waipa Mountains for Hunger!

An epic pre-Christmas challenge!!

– join us to climb the Waipa Mountains for Hunger!

Mount Pironiga

Mount Kakepuku

Mount Maungatautari

Our Mountain Mates team will be climbing the three mountains for hunger. Join us to fundraise and climb with us!

What? Mountain Mission

When? Saturday, 22nd December.


  • 7am at Mount Pirongia, Corcoran Road, Te Pahu (4-4.5 hrs)
  • 12:45pm Mt Kakepuku, off Kakepuku Mountain Road, Pokuru (1.5-2hrs)
  • 3:45pm Mount Maungatautari, end of Hicks Road, Maungatautari (3-4 hrs)

Who? The Hunger Project are an international organisation dedicated to empowering people around the world, especially women, to lead the way in ending their own hunger and creating sustainable solutions. We unleash their vision, commitment and leadership so they can take action to feed themselves and their families – forever.

Why? Here in New Zealand we are very fortunate we have access to food, water and shelter, which many are not so lucky to have. There is an achievable end to World Hunger in our generation, and the Hunger Project works to make this a reality.


Get involved by contacting Claire Martin to register your interest – or 0273831299

Hear more about this here 


Would love you to join me -

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Another amazing thing you're doing with your life Claire. Very proud of you for taking this on!


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Supporting you on this adventure, through your ups and downs.


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Thanks for your fabulous sewing skills. Don't forget the bonnet next time.


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Truly leading by example and heart! Good luck in your fundraising.


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Go Claire! This is awesome. So cool to see what you're doing and giving to those in need x


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Sounds like a great cause Claire. Good luck with achieving your goal! xx


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Love your work Claire