Debbie Darling

Walk With Women 2021

I am joining The Hunger Project and walking with women this March to raise money to end hunger. 


Wow! So thrilled with all your donations, thank you.

Got my 60km in time, in fact 62km.


Well, with 10 days to go, I have 9.5 kms to go. Go to the website and see the wonderful work, a donation makes happen.


2 more swims to add this week totaling 4.5km. Plus two more 4km walks. So I'm over half way. Got some new shoes today so need to break them in. 
Hoping for a swim at Long Bay tomorrow.  The family will be there to celebrate Toni, team mate,  getting her Masters, with First Class Honours. Very special.


Did two 5km walks on the weekend, plus a 2km swim Monday.
This brings my total today of 25km.

Finally got a photo...


Busy 10 hour day doing Stocktake today so only 1km walk. It will be much the same tomorrow. Looking forward to the end of level3 and going back to swimming. Upped my target since I've had such wonderful support so far.


Walked 5km this afternoon. 


Walked 5km this morning. I'm away...

Help me Walk with Women - and end hunger!

I'm lucky enough to be a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and have a loving husband. 

I've worked at Edwards Sound for nearly 16 years doing accounts. 

I enjoy walking, swimming and cycling and feel privileged that I am able to do these activities for fun and health here in NZ.

I've joined Walk with Women and THPNZ to pay forward to other women around the world, to help improve their lives.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alan Roberts


Cheryl Isaacs

Go Debbie CXX


Warren Darling

Great start, well done.


Mary Hedges

Well done Deb. You will smash it - even with your cold!


Neville Corbett

Go Deb


Karen Fisk

Well done so far, good luck for the rest of the month.


Susan Close

Am very proud of you for making a difference


Jane Jackson

Right behind you in Spirit GO Girls . Do you have a team name ?




Tyler Jones

Go Debbie! :)


Jenny Mcmeekin

You do the walking for both of us!


Ann Foley

Good luck Debbie - great work!


Carmel Dickson


Toni Darling

Great start Mum!