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Walk With Women 2022

I am joining The Hunger Project and walking with women this March to raise money to end hunger. 

28 to 31 March Target Overshot!

I reached 60.8 on March 27th and thought I may as well keep on going so by March 31st had done 67.4 walk equiv KM. All up I exercycled 159.53Km and walked 27.20 when I could walk.
159.53/4=39.88. 39.9+27.5=67.4
With many thanks to my sponsors who can see the vision of women lifting themselves sustainably from poverty and who have acted on it.
My Jurassic Park encounter on the last day of my walk.

25 to 28 March Progress

4.3km( 17Km divided by 4) cycled and 3km  walked. Total 7.3 giving total distance "walked" of 59.8.  A photo of a ripe guava in my garden. There is plenty for me and the birds, the earth, and any neighbours who want some. I also reaped a harvest of self seeded giant red mustard, red mizuni and rocket from my lawn before it was mowed. Lucky abundance.

21 to 24 March progress

I covered 15 KM between 21st and 24th March, mainly cycling (/4) with a little walking. Sunday after the storm was lovely on Takapuna Beach, sunshine, breezy, sea a bit riled up still and water everywhere, pouring from the waterfront properties, and even being bailed from behind one fence. I have now covered 52.5 of the 60km.

Update - Reformulation

I burst well over 60 km on March 20th so  instead of dividing my cycling distance by 2, I am dividing it by 4. I have recalculated from the start so as at last update,  March 15th, had done 29.4 km. I have missed updating a heap of days, the total walked and cycled on 17th to 20th under the new calculation is 8.1 to give  a new total of 37.5
Here is a photo from my walk on March 20th. A very windy stormy foamy day on Takapuna Beach.

15 March Walk With Women progress

Felt a lot better today and covered quite a bit of ground.
4.4 Km of walking and 12 Km on my bike! So (halving the cycling total) 10.4 Km all up! Total walked to date is 46.9km. Puts me in a much better position to reach the 60 km if, heaven forbid, my progress is interrupted.  If I start to feel lazy or that it is too hard I just need to think of the women I am partnering who face such huge obstacles and have the determination and persistence and work so hard to  navigate their way out of hunger and poverty and to help their fellow citizens navigate the Covid crisis.

14 March walking with Women progress

Beautiful walk along Takapuna Beach to the cliffs this morning. My back insists that my walking is punctuated with a lot of sitting, bonus was enjoying just being still in the fresh morning air waiting for said back to settle before continuing. 3 km walked. 36.5 total

13 March Update

Big day today, 6.1km all up... 3.1km walked in very slow stages with plenty of sitting in between for my back to recover! ( I am sure it is a lot harder for undernourished women working with determination to create a sustainable hunger free future.) Plus 6 km cycled,  so an extra 3km to my total. I have now done 33.5km for the month.
The photo: Surveillance on Takapuna beach

12 March update

Today I cycled 10 km. That is plus 5 to my progress to 60km  bringing the total to 27.4 Km. nearly halfway!

I don't have a photo so I will post this quote from Lisa Gunnery, Country Director of THP New Zealand instead.

Progress to 11 March

Today I cycled 10 km which adds 5km to my total distance. Have now walk/cycled 22.4 km out of 60km. If you could sponsor me to help women in poverty make sustainable change in their lives  that would be fantastic. :) No opportunity for photos when cycling so I will add another from my walk to the Takapuna cliffs...

Progress towards 60km for March

It s been a rather haphazard start but to date, I have managed to complete 17.4 Km of the 60km . Mainly on the Exercycle, halving my distance to equate it to walking. So 28 km cycled and 3.4 km walked. Which comes to 17.4km towards the 60km for the month.
The walk was along Takapuna Beach and here is a photograph of a fragment of the cliff at one end. 

Help me Walk with Women - and end hunger!

I am supporting Walk with Women because The Hunger Project recognises women as hard working, resourceful, change agents and works with them so they can themselves generate lasting change from poverty to self-reliance for their families and communities. The amount of 60.00  is around the amount of a micro loan that a woman needs to start or expand a business on her path to economic independence. The distance of 60km to be walked over the month recognises the effort that many women and girls go to daily to get fresh water for their families.


My back is insisting I start with cycling but I will move to walking as soon as I can. Some equivalence research indicates that every 1 km I walk uses the same energy as 2km I cycle. When I record my progress towards the 60 km I will record 2 km cycled as 1 km walked.


Would you like to join me, either by sponsoring my efforts, or by walking the 60km in March yourself and seeking sponsorship? It great for health and fitness as well as enabling women to create sustainable futures.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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