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Gender Equality and Xmas Gift Tags

Hi, welcome back! Thanks for continuing to follow my Leadership journey through Awaken 2020.

This week I have made my 300th gift card. 200 to go as a minimum, as I want to raise at least $500 from this venture. Thank you to all the people who have pre-ordered, it really gives me hope that I can do this.

I also started reading Unlikely Leaders, Lessons in leadership from the village classroom by Cathy Burke, more about that as I get in deeper in the coming weeks.

Today, I would like to reflect on the second principle of the Hunger Project - Gender Equality. An essential part of ending hunger must be to cause society-wide change towards gender equality. Women bear the major responsibility for meeting basic needs, yet are systematically denied the resources, freedom of action and voice in decision-making to fulfil that responsibility.

Gender Equality is something to be tackled head on in every corner of the globe. My own experiences with Gender Equality are mainly limited to equal pay, but that is a privileged experience.  Gender inequality doesn’t stop me from getting an education; It doesn’t stop me from having a voice in decisions that affect me.

In reading about Ghana, my Awaken 2020 country, I learned about a practice called the Bride price; men or their families pay the bride price, which literally purchases the woman to bear as many children as the husband may desire. The women having been literally bought cannot then leave marriages without paying the money back herself, hard to do when you have no money, or her family paying it back, which they may not wish to or simply be unable to afford it.  

Working towards complete equality is the only way we can ensure all women and children have access to fulfil their basic needs and the right to not be literally owned/chattel.

So, back to me and my personal journey, Leadership, what does it look like? I’ve been watching people in traditional leadership roles for a while now and what I have decided is that I bestow leadership on someone, they don’t just be leaders. It's not a position, it's not a title. It is someone doing something that I admire, that I want to emulate, or that I trust to guide me in a direction. So the next question is how do I project the qualities that I have to make people want to look to me to “lead”.  It’s a long journey and at this time I don’t have an answer, we’ll come back to this topic ?

Now for this week’s blog question.  Does the funds raised go towards the Ghana trip? Absolutely not, that is something that I fund privately as that is my Awaken journey.

I’m ending this blog the same as the last… Now I am asking you can you help me, please click on my donation page and donate what you can.

Thank you




Scary beginning

Hi and thanks for reading my first blog post on my Hunger Project journey. It’s been a scary couple of weeks contemplating how to raise $10,000. I made the pledge to do this because I was absolutely blown away by the impact that The Hunger Project has made in peoples lives by empowering women and men to help themselves.

Their first principle is Human Dignity; All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, including the right to food, health, work and education. The inherent nature of every person is creative, resourceful, self-reliant, responsible and productive. We must not treat people living in conditions of hunger as beneficiaries, which can crush dignity, but rather as the key resource for ending hunger.

I love this, just because people are not able to provide fully for themselves in their current circumstance that doesn’t mean we should treat them as less, or assume that because they may be lacking the means that they don’t have ideas on what could be done.

But why am I doing this? Because that and all the other principles speak to me.  The night I came home from hearing some of the amazing stories of what The Hunger Project was doing I started donating. I said to myself when the time is right I’d do more, maybe volunteer. Well fast forward four months and the with the Hunger Projects goal to end hunger by 2030, this is the right time.

I am also doing this for more selfish reasons, some of you know I joined Toastmasters a couple of years ago to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone and stop hiding! This is the next step in that journey and well there is no hiding now! You are all going to see my challenges, how I rise to it and how I fall but most of all I hope you see how I pick myself up, dust myself off and rise to the challenge again!

I want to finish this week’s blog by answering the question I have been asked a couple of times when I’ve told people about my aim to raise funds for the Hunger Project - “Why not raise money for people closer to home?” Well the answer is twofold for me;

  1. the earth is our home we all need to work together, help one and other; and
  2. I will achieve more for something I truly believe in, which is to help out not hand out (Teach a person to fish…)

Now I am asking you can you help me, please click on my donation page and donate what you can.

Thank you

I have committed to fundraise $10,000 on behalf of The Hunger Project as part of a Leadership Immersion Program travelling to Ghana in August 2020. 

The Hunger Project sees people living in hunger as the solution, not the problem. Help me reach my target by being part of the solution to sustainably end hunger in our generation.

Your donation will go a long way to empowering women and men to catalyse change within their communities, create a brighter future without hunger or poverty, and a world that works for all. 

Thank you for your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors




Craig Shearer

Fully supporting Susan for this extremely worthy cause!



I am very proud of your initiative, well done you Susan!!


Ivana Tranchini

From one explorer to another. You got this!


Hans Van Der Stelt

Good on you Susan, you will crush it.



This is going to be an amazing journey. A little towards your goal - there'll be more along the way.


Kirsty Wade

So excited to see you progress through this journey. This is a little donation to help you get started. I know there will be many more fundraising activities in the coming months....



Awesome effort Susan!


Maureen Wolloner

What a wonderful woman you are Susan


Krissy Mu

Good cause, fighting!



All the best for your journey, Susan!