Toni Louise Darling

Walk With Women 2021

I am joining The Hunger Project and walking with women this March to raise money to end hunger. 

Reached 60 km! Woop!

Been a busy few weeks with my beach celebration, graduation and Homegrown festival in Wellington.  But I have now reached the 60 km goal! Woop!

To summarise the last two weeks:
 - 154,062 steps
 - 712 active minutes
 - 26 km actively walked

This brings my total km for March > 60 km! Yay!

30km done and dusted!

Woop! Already over half way to the standard 60km goal.
As of Saturday 6th I was at 28km
Monday was a mixture of walks totalling ~4km, 76 active minutes and 18,000 steps!
Tuesday was working to work and between jobs totalling ~3.5km,  67 active minutes and 13,500 steps!

Saturday 6th March

To make up for a lazy day Wednesday, on Thursday did ~8km around and up Mt Eden.
Friday was a walk through Ponsonby and picnic dinner ~4km.
Today was our local loop and through our local Basque Park (see photo) with 6km! 
Now just to keep this up!

This week in level 3 lockdown

With Auckland in level 3 restrictions there's no football today :-( 
However, the last two days been out for ~5km walks which I'm happy with. I don't usually record the distance so I might just update you all on my 'active minutes' and step counts (haha!)

Help me Walk with Women - and end hunger!

I have decided to join Deb's Dream Team for a great cause and to stay motivated to do some exercise!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Warren Darling

Keep up the good work


Alisa Darling






Proud of you 😀