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Connecting with humanity.

We are all hungry for something – meaning, purpose, connection, contribution, making a difference. At the core of this is human dignity and knowing our lives matter. In a world where we are searching for more, partnering with those who need it most, makes life richer. 

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When you invest in our work, you join a global community of passionate changemakers who are committing to give what they can monthly knowing that together we’re changing lives. We stop when we can finally say we’ve ended hunger.

Where does the money go?

Your monthly investment goes where it is needed most. It will be used collectively to fund the full range of The Hunger Project's integrated programmes. This means we can support these projects, and also gives us the flexibility to respond to the immediate needs of communities and related projects as they arise. Because this allows us to most effectively manage our resources, your investment will have the greatest possible impact. And because you are supporting our global work to empower our partners around the world to end hunger in their communities, your investment is tax deductible.

We know ending hunger is possible - and with your help we will. 

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