Rethinking What's Possible.

        See the possible from the impossible.


Unlock your potential while having a social impact.

Through our workshops you'll learn how to shift your mindset to see the possible from the impossible, overcome what's holding you back from reaching your full potential and gain the tools to create pathways toward living a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Photo credit: Prue Steedman

Our half-day Rethinking What's Possible workshops are specifically designed for people who want to operate at their highest level, lead with purpose, and who are seeking practical tools to create impact and transformational change. 

These hands-on workshops are anchored in the same transformational methodology used by The Hunger Project to tackle the root causes of hunger and poverty in Africa, India and Bangladesh and Latin America.

Through our approach, we partner with the people living in hunger and poverty and support them to become leaders that are nimble, resilient and willing to take risks. We enable them to mobilise others in their community, develop sustainable solutions to overcome the challenges that they face, and utilise their own skills and resources to create social change.

The reality is that this kind of skill set is required everywhere. No matter where we live or what our circumstances, our progress and development requires the same shift in mindset to achieve our goals. If this approach can empower people to end their own hunger and poverty, imagine what it can do for us here in Aotearoa!                                                              

How is Rethinking What's Possible different from other leadership workshops?

  • This is personal development with a social impact!

Profits from these workshops fund the work we’re doing to sustainably end hunger and poverty by 2030. By attending one of our workshops, you’ll be unlocking your own potential while also helping to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to shape their own future and lead a fulfilling life.

  • It's based on methodology that has been proven to work.

Our leadership methodology is being used globally to empower people to end their own hunger and poverty. Our work has already impacted 15.9 million people around the world and has enabled more than 500,000 people in African communities alone to move from foreign aid dependency to a life of complete self-reliance and dignity. What we do works.

  • We use inspiring real life examples that you can relate to. 

At the core of our workshops are the insights that we share. Using a combination of textbook learning, storytelling, personal reflection, group sharing and facilitated conversation, we explore the fundamental characteristics of effective leadership through the lens of some of the worlds most unlikely leaders. People who, against all odds, are shifting beliefs, moving beyond their current limitations and creating significant change in their own lives and the communities they live in. You’ll be challenged to rethink what’s possible for yourself both personally and professionally, and inspired to achieve your goals and aspirations.

  • We enable you to uncover the root cause of what’s holding you back. 

Have you been to multiple leadership and personal development workshops but found that nothing has really had a tangible impact on your life? These workshops will help you uncover the root cause of what’s preventing you from reaching your potential and becoming an effective leader.

  • We don't just give you the theory, we provide practical tools that will enable you to take action. 

It’s all well and good knowing you aren’t where you want to be, but often we’re held back because we don’t know where we want to be or how to get there. We’ll provide you with practical tools that you can use to get clarity on where you want to be and to create the pathways to get there.

  • We create a personalised learning environment. 

We intentionally facilitate this workshop in a small group setting to encourage engagement and enable a more personal learning environment.

What you'll get out of Rethinking What's Possible. 

  • Practical tools to unlock your mindset and become an effective leader.
  • The ability to reframe challenges and rethink what's possible for yourself personally and professionally.
  • A better understanding of the barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your true potential.
  • Inspiration and motivation from the stories of courageous real life leaders.
  • A unique learning environment which enables a more personalised learning journey.
  • A set of actions to get you to where you want to be!

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Our Facilitators.

Lisa is a management consultant with the ISB network of consultants in New Zealand. She has more than 25 years of experience within the health sector both here and overseas and has held a number of senior executive roles within the industry.

In 2014 Lisa took part in one of our Leadership Programmes. From that experience, her view of the world, her potential and her outlook, were reshaped and transformed. Since then she has dedicated herself to sharing the work of The Hunger Project and enabling others to grow their leadership and resilience in these demanding times.

Her belief, and that of The Hunger Project, is that everyone is capable of transformation that sees them achieve their goals.

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