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The Hunger Project takes a highly strategic approach to leadership development, sustainability, education, training and the empowerment of people - particularly women, so that both individuals and communities become cohesive and self-reliant. This same strategic approach works in any environment - a village in Africa or here in New Zealand. 

Some of the most outstanding examples of courageous and effective leadership, producing transformational outcomes are happening in the remote rural villages where The Hunger Project works. 

The Hunger Project has decoded the universal lessons learned from empowering millions of people at the grassroots level and translated these into powerful learning opportunities for individuals and organisations. We offer opportunities to explore a leadership model paralleled to the world’s best practice in transformative leadership.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be discovered that can shape how we lead our lives, families, businesses or organisations, that emerges from participating in one of our workshops or programmes – available here in New Zealand! 



Weve applied the same methodology, of shifting mindsets and limiting beliefs, creating visionary, committed and active leaders that are empowering 16 million around the world to drive change. It works, in any context in any environment. We have opportunities to engage individuals, small groups or inspire an organisation of leaders.

The core of our work is the recognition and belief that people themselves – people living in conditions of hunger be it physical (illiteracy, malnourishment, and subjugation) or mental (isolation, disconnection or resignation) – are the key resources in ending their own hunger.

We all experience hunger. Hunger within our families to provide for yourself or your children, within our businesses or organisations to achieve, contribute, be reconginsed, successful or to a leader. We often feel like we are not enough or have enough to end our hunger. This scarcity mindset often keeps us playing safe. Through storytelling and active learning, our programmes and workshops challenge this thinking by placing you as a student at the feet of our women leaders and guiding you in applying lessons learned to your life. 

How does a woman, who cannot read or write, get schools and roads built in her village? How can this be applied to what may be holding you back from realising your own potential?

Through sharing insights, individuals are invited to step out of their comfort zone, in doing so they make meaning for themselves as human beings and as leaders. Our trained facilitators guide you to discovering the leadership lessons literally from the village.



  • 2hr innovative thinking workshop
  • Engage individuals and teams by inspiring collaboration
  • Build capacity through exploring limiting beliefs

Rethinking What’s Possible is a two-hour interactive workshop focusing on key themes of resilience, resourcefulness and innovative thinking.

Anchored in our methodology that moves communities from deep resignation and dependency to self-reliance, Rethinking What’s Possible begins the process of unlocking capacity by exploring the power of mindset and beliefs that drive change.

Through storytelling, individuals reflect and relate insights back to their own challenges brought to the room. Lessons are enhanced through facilitated conversation that encourages new ways of seeing and thinking.


Rethinking What’s Possible workshops are available publically, check the dates posted below or contact The Hunger Project New Zealand for upcoming dates near you.  


Bespoke Rethinking What’s Possible workshops are available for organisations looking for new ways to engage teams, spark innovative thinking and explore new ways of working together. 



Not available in your area? If you would like to bring the Rethinking What’s Possible Workshop to your community or area contact us to discuss this opportunity.