Bravery in the face of adversity.

06 Nov 2019
Author: Hannah Brown
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Kamla works tirelessly to build a sustainable, self-reliant future for herself and her community, and has helped many people within her community find self-worth and independence. 

#ElectedtoLead: Kamla Devi.

Leadership often requires bravery in the face of adversity, a notion exemplified by public office holder, Kamla Devi from Talihat Gram Panchayat, Bageshwar District, Uttarakhand, India.

Upon discovering the local mafia had been looting sand from her village, Kamla decided to challenge them despite the personal risks. She rallied other women from the community and armed with a handful of stones, they snuck out to attack the mafia each night until eventually they were deterred and the village safeguarded.

Kamla continues to work tirelessly to build a sustainable, self-reliant future for her and her community. She has helped many people within the community find self-worth and independence through employment, including 90 women from her village who were previously unemployed.

Through her selflessness and determination Kamla has forged a legacy of unity and harmony, to be carried on by generations to come.



You will always be remembered for the work you do. Money may come and go but legacy is permanent.


Kamla Devi, Talihat Gram Panchayat

#ElectedtoLead film series.

#ElectedtoLead is a series of short films created by The Hunger Project India, each one following the journey of a remarkable woman who has, and continues to, create change within her community in India.