Selfless advocate for sustainability.

06 Nov 2019
Author: Hannah Brown
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Kaushalya Bisht advocates for the sustainable use of natural resources and empowers women around her to work in unity for the benefit of their community. 

#ElectedtoLead: Kaushalya Bisht.

Kaushalya Bisht, President of Tana Sajoli Panchayat, Uttarakhand, India, uses her influence as president of her Panchayat to focus attention on the issue of forest preservation.

Their village’s lifestyle relies heavily on the forest around them and to ensure their use of natural resources is sustainable and carried out with respect, Kaushalya publicly advocates for Jal, Jangal aur Zameen - water, forest and land. Already a women led collective has planted over 100,000 trees and banned anyone from cutting trees down.

After initially facing backlash from those who doubted a woman’s ability to lead, Kaushalya has become one of the most effective leaders their panchayat has ever had. Using her influence to ban gambling, to make the Panchayat safer, and continuing to empower women around her to work in unity for the benefit of their community.



When women come together, they bring you hope. Their support is the source of my courage.


Kaushalya Bisht, President of Tana Sajoli Panchayat

#ElectedtoLead film series.

#ElectedtoLead is a series of short films created by The Hunger Project India, each one following the journey of a remarkable woman who has, and continues to, create change within her community in India.