What will you get out of our Mindset for Leaders workshop?

20 Jan 2020
Author: Kathryn Chung
3 minute read

We sat down for a Q&A with Lisa, our Mindset for Leaders facilitator, to answer all your burning questions and find out what makes our workshops unique.

What is the idea behind the Mindset for Leaders workshop?

This workshop talks to leaders about mindset, how it shows itself up in your career, personal life and the decisions you make. 

We delve into the two mindsets: fixed and growth. Fixed is driven by the perception that your achievement is based on a number, a set goal. Everyone has a fixed mindset, they’re measuring themselves, there’s this judgement around everything we do. 

Growth means you’re open to opportunity. You don’t see things as failures. It’s more about the experience. 

The workshop can be challenging and eye-opening; participants question the decisions they make and find explanations for why they made them. It teaches you that mindset is not something you’re stuck with, but a tool you can change.

What are some of the common things you hear from people when they sign up?

A lot of people want to wake up that next phase in their life or career.  Usually, they pick a problem they have, something they are trying to achieve. Maybe they’re in a career that’s not challenging, or they’re not sure what they’re doing next. 

The people that attend our workshops range from emerging leaders who are trying to find their purpose, to people stuck in mid-career trying to reignite their passion.

What is unique about these workshops?

The unique thing about our Mindset for Leaders workshops is that you hear real stories about people who have pulled themselves out of poverty, out of extremely hard conditions and achieved incredible things. 

We bring in these stories of real people to break up the day to day mentality. These stories are incredibly powerful tools for self-reflection.

When you hear stories of people who are living in hunger and poverty, who are able to achieve things like starting a business, it makes you stop in your tracks, stop the pity party. It makes you think if someone in that position can achieve something dramatic, why can’t I achieve that as well? It’s these stories that wake people up to this.



I always find [these workshops] incredibly rewarding, empowering and motivating. This is not your run-of-the-mill classroom learning. For me, it’s the impactful stories they share and the realisation that change comes from mindset shifts and community collaboration. Their passion for what they do is tangible and the connection to the achievement of reaching their purpose is powerful.


Sharron Botica, Chief Customer Officer, AIA

These workshops are quite different from others because they are done in small groups. Because of this, you’re forced to do the work. That’s where some of the value comes from, you’re not able to cower. You have to participate. We’ll call on you. This situation creates discomfort but, by the end, they’re brought into it and value it. 

The other unique thing is that participants work together to form a community to address issues and understand the stories. It's more than just inspirational, it's a confirmation that you’re not alone in the world and a support system, you’ve got this community, you’re seeing people achieve things and therefore seeing a path forward for yourself. You’ve got a direction, you’re inspired and motivated.

What do people come away with at the end? What are the next steps?

We make sure people come away with a practical plan. We get people to write down what they want to accomplish and come up with commitments and time frames. 

We also offer a continued learning community, helping participants continue on and challenge one another. 

It takes it to the next level. This is the kind of workshop where you come away with a clear plan and indication about what you want. These aren’t tools, these are commitments you have to make yourself. This is what leads to self-reliance.

Are you looking to wake up to the next phase in your life? Our Mindset for Leaders workshop gives you the tools to shift your mindset and empowers you to forge a pathway towards your goals.