Mountain Marathon Madness

By Millie Allbon

I’m taking action for the end of hunger!

Completing a marathon has always been one of those things I've wanted to do. There has been a small problem though... I don't like running. Yip. I really don't like running - I ache, I moan, it's hard. But then so is a lot of stuff I’m taking on right now. It's uncomfortable, and running is just another one of those things that I'm getting better at being uncomfortable with. What I have come to love though, is seeing what I'm capable of.

Through training I've moved from not being able to run 1km in mid 2017, to taking on my first (and possibly my only) marathon in less than two weeks’ time! Furthermore, it's not a road marathon but a trail marathon in the mountains around Queenstown.Whaaaaat?! 

And the best part is I’ve partnered with some really cool people to do it with who have made training all the more fun. I've also spent time outdoors, running on trails in this stunning country I call home and getting connected to nature again.

So whilst I’m still not 'feeling' totally ready, I’m going to give it a go anyway because well, why not. That's what we're here for right, doing mad and amazing stuff that connects us to what it means to be alive. 

As I’m challenging myself, I'd love you to support me and the incredible work of The Hunger Project in our mission for a world free from hunger.

Why? Because hunger doesn’t need to exist in the world and I believe that a
world free from hunger works for us all. Together, we can end hunger in our generation.

Thanks for your support. 

Millie xx

If you want to check out what we’ve signed
up for then check this out Shotover Moonlight Marathon or watch 

Thank you to my Supporters


Diana Smith

Millie, well done you!


Dave Mabbott

Well done Millie! Incredible effort and a what a great cause.


Millie Allbon

This is the voice in your head... you got this!


Nicholette Te Wao

You are all kinds of awesomeness Millie! I will be watching from Sydney on your social media! I know you will smash it, lots of love


Jen & Ron Allbon

You go girl Dad and I are proud of you and all the hard work you do.


Clark Todd

Go well Millie - awesome effort!


Libby Sinden

You are an inspiration - enjoy the view along the way!


Cyra Patel

Congratulations Millie!! What an amazing challenge!


Nomita Singh

You’re such a star 🌟


Deb Huff

You legend! xx


Marilyn Valli

Looks amazing Millie- just like you!


Kate Stone

Awesome challenge! good luck xx


Lynda Bayada

You're inspirational and brave! You've got this!


Pam Beattie

Go, Crazy Millie, GO!!!!!! So proud of you! Cheers Pammie-lalala


Susan Parkes

You will be buzzing with success by now.... such an amazing challenge to beat - go you!!


Claire Martin

Millie, you're awesome! I know how hard it is running a marathon and in particular the dedication to the training. Love your dedication and the snaps of the run look pretty amazing! xxx



I didn’t think ‘Climb Every Mountain’ was meant literally but when you’re doing it to end hunger then kill it!


Tara Donnelly

Ain't no mountain high enough to keep you away Millie! X